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PerfectPar 650W LED


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  • All OSRAM LEDs, 1640 μmol/s
  • Independent dimming of red and white LEDS
  • Built in the USA

Minimum purchase of 4 units is required. ♦ Free shipping in mainland USA. CONTACT US for purchases less than 4 units.

PerfectPar™ 650W is a four-bar LED grow light designed for single or multi-tiered horticulture cultivation and indoor farming. This array delivers the perfect spectrum to grow efficiently all year round.

All products are built to order. Lead time for small orders is 3-7 business days. Larger orders may take up to 8-12 weeks.

PerfectPar™ 650W energy efficient full spectrum LED grow light for single or multi-tier commercial horticulture cultivation in a greenhouse, vertical farm or other indoor facility. This light is more efficient than a standard 1000W HPS grow light. The four LED light bar configuration provides up to 25 square feet flowering footprint. Deeper canopy light penetration promotes robust plant growth.

LED Chips: Top bin, high-efficiency latest generation OSRAM horticulture LEDs. Uniform light distribution and no hot spot. Each light bar integrates white LEDs with specific red LEDs to create a tailored full spectrum light for the most yield out of LED footprint.

Independent Control of White and Red LEDs: Dim-to-off, independent control of white and red LEDs provides broader choices over plant light spectrum using a 0-10V dimming controller or a potentiometer.

54% Red Spectrum: PerfectPar™ 650W has been optimized for 14%-30%-54% blue-green/yellow-red spectral power distribution respectively. If desired, the amount of red spectrum during the vegetative phase can be reduced by dimming red LEDs.

LED Protection: We use Dow conformal coating on LEDs to protect against moisture and corrosive environments.

Light Fixture: Rugged construction. Durable and lightweight.

Daisy Chain Connection: Up to six 650W LED lights (24 light-bar) per 20A circuit.

BLI PerfectPar 650W Specifications

Electrical Specification

North America


Nominal Input Current


Nominal Input Power




Daisy Chained Units per 20A Circuit


General Features


40.4 in x 46.4 in x 2.2 in (1,026mm x 1,180mm x 56mm)


27 lbs


4 Bar Array

Coverage Area

Up to 5ft x 5ft


Optimized Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) Spectrum

Dimension Drawing

BLI PerfectPar 650W LED Dimensional Drawing
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Choose Voltage

120 volt, 208-277V AC

Additional Information

• Light Source: 100% OSRAM Top Bin LED Chips
• Color Augmenting Technology: Optimized Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) Spectrum
• Efficiency: >2.5 μmol s-1 per Watt
• Dimming: 0-10V, Independent Dimming of White and Red LED
• Electrical and Wet Rating: Meets UL Requirements
• Recommended Mounting Height: 1 Foot Above Canopy
• Warranty: 5 Year Limited

2 reviews for PerfectPar 650W LED

  1. Charlie

    …”I’ve used almost every type of light over more than 40 years of cultivation…spring of last year I replaced all my DE 1,000’s with one for one BLI 650’s…took me a couple months to understand the principles of LED lighting but I got them dialed in…they have the most uniform footprint I’ve ever seen…no hot or shadow spots and more usable light…my analogy would be a shower where water emits from the whole ceiling, not an inefficient cone shape…my electricity bill has dropped significantly and the situation is far more efficient as far as space and logistics usage…I’d recommend them for any size grow…Charlie👍”

  2. Richard Williams

    Would love to own one

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