BoulderLamp, Inc.


315w LED Fusion460


BLI 315W LED FUSION460 grow lights incorporate Philips 315W CMH GreenPower™ lamp and 100% top bin OSRAM white and red horticulture LEDs to expand coverage area and augment the 315W flowering spectrum. BLI 315W LED FUSION460 framing architecture ensures excellent light uniformity and penetration. Due to its large footprint (coverage area), this grow light is widely used in greenhouse cultivation.

  • CMH Light Source: Philips 315W CMH GreenPower™ Lamp
  • LED Light Source: 100% OSRAM Top Bin LED Chips
  • Color Augmenting Technology:  Red and White LED Augmented Philips 315W Agro Spectrum
  • Dimming: Optional
  • Electrical and Wet Rating: Meets UL Requirements
  • Recommended Mounting Height: 1 to 2ft Above Canopy
  • Warranty: 3 Year Limited