315W CDL+LED Agro



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Our patented 315W CDL+LED Agro light integrates 100% OSRAM top bin red LEDs into the CDL 315W light fixture to augment flowering spectrum of Philips 315W agro lamp.

All products are built to order. Lead time for small orders is 3-5 business days. Larger orders may take up to 4-6 weeks.​

In 2015 we introduced 315W CMH and LED hybrid light fixtures. We call it CDL+LED. The correct mixture of red, blue, and green with a small amount of UVA and far red creates a “dream color” grow spectrum. United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted two patents for this family of lights. Thousands of these lights are in use today.

More Yield: Compared to BLI’s 315W CDL light fixture, the CDL+LED light yields up to 20% more crop. It also has larger footprint.

LED and Protection: CDL+LED light utilizes top bin 100% OSRAM latest generation red horticulture LEDs.  Dow conformal coating is used on LEDs to protect against moisture and corrosive environments.

Daisy Chain: Up to 9 lights can be daisy chained per 20A circuit.

A slim form factor product variation is available.

BLI 315W CDL+LED Agro Specifications

Electrical Specification

North America


Nominal Input Current


Nominal Input Power




Daisy Chained Units per 20A Circuit


General Features


22.1 in x 19.2 in x 11.6 in (561mm x 488mm x 295mm)


14 lbs

Coverage Area

Up to 4ft x 2ft


Red LED Augmented Philips 315W Agro Spectrum

Dimension Drawing

BLI 315W CDL Agro​ Dimensional Drawing
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BLI 315W CDL+LED Agro Spectrum Graph

120 volt, 240 volt

Additional Information

• CMH Light Source: Philips 315W CMH GreenPower™ Lamp
• LED Light Source: 100% OSRAM Top Bin LED Chips
• Color Augmenting Technology: Red LED Augmented Philips 315W Agro Spectrum
• Dimming: Optional
• Electrical and Wet Rating: Meets UL Requirements
Recommended Mounting Height: 1 to 2ft Above Canopy
Warranty: 3 Year Limited