LED PerfectPar Grow Lights

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Shop our LED grow lights. Built to last, full spectrum high-efficiency grow lights since 2012.


Light is one of the most critical resources for ensuring strong, healthy plants. At Boulderlamp, our lights are built to last using only the most proven and durable components. We offer a wide selection of grow lamps designed for various growing conditions and plant varieties. We know that every grow has different needs, so we are proud to offer multiple options and sizes of full-spectrum light that contribute to faster growth and healthie harvests.

LED Grow Lights

We provide unique options like our Moonwalker SB1; the only grow light with built-in pest and mold-free cultivation technology. We sought out this technology because we know healthy, pest and mold-free plants are the key to a successful harvest. We stay on the cutting edge of technology because we are invested in your success as a grower and we understand quality; reliable light sources are crucial to your plant’s success.


When you work with Boulderlamp, we partner with you. Your business is important to us, and that’s why we only provide the best products and customer service on the market today. At Boulderlamp, our products are affordable, built in the USA, and easy to install.


We’ve designed our lighting systems to grow with your business, and an easy setup means you can start small and quickly build without needing complex systems in place. In addition, you can control your units using our brand new programmable and secure lighting controller.


When it comes to LED Grow Lights, we have you covered. No matter your space limitations, we have a perfectly reliable and affordable solution for you. Contact us today for your free lighting plan!


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