CMH Series Grow Lights

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Shop our CMH grow lights. Built to last, full spectrum high-efficiency grow lights since 2012.


All growers understand the importance of reliable, high-quality light for the health of their plants. At Boulderlamp, we know that your plant health is essential, and we understand your challenges. We take pride in offering our clients the most evolved technology available today, which is why we are proud to offer a wide variety of CMH Lights designed for various growing conditions and plant varieties. We know each grower has unique needs, so we offer many options of high-efficiency full-spectrum CMH grow lights.

CMH Grow Lights

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current lighting or just starting, CMH grows lights are a great option. Experienced growers often prefer CMH lights because they produce less heat than high pressure sodium lights, which is especially important if you have a large grow room with many lights. Their low heat production can keep growing rooms from overheating, which can damage your plants and complicate the overall climate in your grow space. Of course, no grower wants to deal with the threat of heat damage to plants and CMH Bulbs are the solution.


CMH Bulbs often have an incredible life span of 20,000 hours (nearly four years of flowering cultivation per bulb). At Boulderlamp, we value your investment and want you to feel confident in the products you purchase for us. Our products are affordable and built in the USA with exceptional quality.


We provide products that are easy to install and can grow with your business. No matter what your growing space looks like, we can provide you with high-efficiency, full-spectrum CMH lights that produce a beautiful light spectrum and are built to last. So call us today for your free lighting plan; we’re invested in your success and are here to help!


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