PerfectPar™ MoonWalker SB1 High Intensity Grow Lights with Antimicrobial Spectra

Get Your Highest Yields with Mold and Pest Control

Providing the right lighting environment is a key ingredient to getting the highest yields out of your crops. With many of the LED grow lights currently available, growers have relatively little control over how light is distributed across their growing area. Dimmable LEDs have made it possible to control the overall light output from a grow light, but the distribution of photosynthetic light under any grow light is often very patchy. This leads to the creation of localized “hot spots”, areas where plants receive excess light for an extended period of time. Too much exposure to high light intensities can damage your crops, especially if they are not getting enough fertilizer, moisture, or CO2. On the other hand, some areas under a light will have much lower light intensities, leading to sub-optimal growth.

Boulderlamp’s “sequentially moving periodic light beam” lighting solutions give you the best possible control over your crop’s lighting environment. Our patented lighting technology allows each light bar in our PerfectPar™ MoonWalker SB1 to be controlled separately and precisely. By varying the light intensity of each light bar separately, we create a more uniform lighting environment, and give you better control over your LEDs than any other grow light available. Customized lighting programs provide high-intensity photosynthetic light to crops in a sequential manner, creating a sweeping dose of high-intensity light that moves over your crop during the daily lighting hours. This ensures that all plants get enough light to reach their full potential without creating unwanted hot spots and a higher resource demand. “Sequentially moving periodic light beam” lighting programs are fully customizable and can be modified to meet the exact needs of your grow. The light sweep duration, sequence, and period can all be controlled exactly using the easily programmable light controller included with every PerfectPar™ MoonWalker SB1 LED Grow Light.

Grow light spectrum is also very important to growers. Higher yields have been reported when the provided light spectrum is varied over the course of a grow. PerfectPar™ MoonWalker SB1 grow lights are equipped with the ability to fully control the spectrum of each light bar. Each of our light bars includes individually powered and fully dimmable white, red, blue, and UVA LEDs for photosynthetic lighting. The spectrum of each lamp can be varied over time using our light programs to manipulate plant morphology and meet the demands of your crop. Not only can you get the best control over the light intensity in your growing area, but you can dial in your spectrum precisely and change it over the course of your grow or a single day.

PerfectPar™ MoonWalker SB1 dual-purpose grow lights are not only highly effective at giving your plants the best photosynthetic lighting possible, but they are also the very first high intensity LED grow lights to include antimicrobial LEDs. Light provided at specific wavelengths has been shown to destroy mold and inhibit mold growth. PerfectPar™ MoonWalker SB1 LED grow lights include LEDs that emit light in the ultraviolet, as well as purple (405 nm) wavelengths. Ultraviolet and purple light work together to control mold and pests, and the high-intensity photosynthetic light from each PerfectPar™ MoonWalker SB1 light sweep also assists. Our non-stationary sequential lighting technology provides a combination of purple, ultraviolet, and high-intensity light to all of your plants repeatedly over the course of a day, start to finish. This highly effective antimicrobial light formula minimizes mold infestations but is not harmful to humans or to your plants. Ultraviolet is provided at doses that are safe for workers but are still effective. These dual-purpose lights also will not disrupt your plants’ light spectrum needs because it is provided at the same time as high-intensity white light, and in short duration sequential sweeps. Of course, the antimicrobial lights are also independently controlled, so you can turn them off at any time.

PerfectPar™ MoonWalker SB1 dual-purpose grow lights give you the best control over light distribution and spectrum, while simultaneously controlling mold and pests. Our revolutionary time-variant sequential lighting technology provides sweeps of high-intensity photosynthetic light to boost yields, while our antimicrobial lights keep your crop mold-free. Precise, customizable control of each light bar’s intensity and spectrum lets you dial in these features to suit the needs of your grow, using our easy to program light controller. Take control over your grow and get the most out of your crops with PerfectPar™ MoonWalker SB1.