Location: Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada
Boulderlamp Booth: #36013
MJBIZCon URL: https://fluence-led.com/events/mjbiz-23/
Dates: November 29 – December 1, 2023

MJBIZCon is the biggest B2B cannabis conference and tradeshow in the industry, where 30,000 industry professionals are expected to converge this year to get deals done. It is a great opportunity to learn and connect with leaders in the cannabis industry. This year Boulderlamp will feature one-of-a-kind MoonWalker LED grow light. Come stop by our booth (#36013) and learn more about how our MoonWalker LED grow light boosts yield and kills mold.

10 Free MoonWalker LED Grow Lights:
If you are a commercial cultivator and interested in testing MoonWalker to experience mold-yest-free harvest, we want to talk to you about our show special, “Up to 10 free grow lights for 2 grow cycles”.

This year our booth will be attended by Neal Lynch, William Held, Anna Ruple, Andy Sbravati, and Fazle Quazi.

Here is a snapshot of our MoonWalker light:
The Boulderlamp MoonWalker is a high-efficiency full-spectrum LED grow light designed for optimized plant growth. What sets MoonWalker apart from other LED grow lights is its innovative and patented cycling beam, which alternates between different light bars during the growth cycle at fixed intervals of 5 seconds or more. This ensures non-stationary and high-intensity coverage across the canopy’s top, middle, and bottom. The spectra of the cycling beam which includes 405 nm antimicrobial spectrum, is known to eliminate 90-99% of bacteria without harming cannabis growth and surroundings. The non-UV 405 nm is safe for human exposure.

During a 12-hour cannabis flowering phase, the MoonWalker’s cycling 405 nm light-induced photodynamic inactivation process destructs a wide range of prokaryotic and eukaryotic microbial species, including, powdery mildew and E. Coli The blue-purple 405 nm spectrum also promotes a clean and hygienic environment, and enhances terpene and cannabinoid levels, improves flavors and aromas in fruits and vegetables. Numerous research articles support the lethal effect of 405 nm on pathogens and bacteria.

URLs of few such articles are as follows:

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