LED Grow Light Coverage Area And Light Intensity Needed For Cannabis Plants

A. Coverage Area

The coverage area of an LED grow light increases with mounting height, however, light intensity in PPFD (micromoles/m2/s-1) also decreases as mounting height increases. The coverage area in a tent is slightly higher due to light reflection from surrounding reflective walls.

The following table shows the light levels and coverage area of a typical 650W high-efficiency LED grow light like Boulderlamp PerfectPar 650W:


Generally accepted guidelines for light levels in in PPFD for cannabis vegetative growth period of 18 hours on/6 hours off and flowering growth period of 12 hours on and 12 hours off daily light cycle respectively are as follows:

B. Vegetative Phase

300 to 600 PPFD

C. Flowering Phase

1.  510 minimum PPFD and without CO2.

2. 600 to 900 PPFD without CO2.

3. 900 to 1500 PPFD with CO2.