How MoonWalker LED Grow Light Can Boost Your Crop Production


As the cannabis industry becomes increasingly competitive, you must utilize every aspect of your cultivation equipment to produce maximum output. In this article, we will explain how the Moonwalker series can optimize your grow environment by introducing exclusive features absent in any other indoor LED grow lights currently on the market.

The MoonWalker Series – The best LED grow lights for cannabis

Our MoonWalker series includes four crop-specific indoor LED grow lights with a maximum power consumption of 410W, 456W, 860W, and 990W. Each light features a high-intensity cycling beam offering pest and mold control, higher yields, improved crop quality, and enhanced sterilization.

You will optimize your grow environment by leveraging our patented cycling beam technology, increasing yields and flower quality. Throughout the 12 or 18-hour cycle, the spectrum control LED grow lights emit a variety of color LEDs, including 405 nm. In addition, the cycling beam is distributed with a 5-second duration pulsing 50% on and 50% off to create an unstable environment for pests and mold to develop.

Full Spectrum Indoor Grow Lights with 405 nm

The MoonWalker series uses violet-blue 405 nm wavelength, a light spectrum that initiates a photoreaction with endogenous non-iron porphyrin molecules found in microorganisms. While 405 nm is commonly used in sterile environments such as labs and healthcare facilities, the cannabis industry has failed to utilize the approach in commercial LED grow lights.

405 nm also can sterilize mold. A study published in the Journal of Korean Institute of Architectural Sustainable Environment and Building Systems found that a 405 nm LED light increased sterilization in a moldy apartment wall in just 60 minutes.

We’ve included this wavelength in our MoonWalker full-spectrum LED grow lights to give our clients far more than just a light source.

Optimized Environment for Cannabis Production

The MoonWalker series is a revolutionary horticulture product perfect for the cannabis and vertical farming industries. Proactively limiting threats to your crop will dramatically affect your overall costs, quality of cannabis, and resin production. Investing in the MoonWalker indoor LED grow lights lowers the danger of environmental factors, effectively reducing overhead and preventing loss.

Increased Yields and Cannabinoid Production

When you reduce threats to your crop, you inherently increase your yields. With the MoonWalker series, you provide your plants with a sterile environment where mold, bacteria, and pests struggle to survive.

Boost Terpene Production

Our crop-specific lights are set to provide optimal UVA light, one of the easiest ways to increase resin and terpene development.

Eliminate Viruses and Bacteria

A sterile, grown environment is a necessity for a healthy cannabis crop. Our innovative lighting system uses 405 cm and 395 nm UVA to eliminate environmental threats before they begin.

Enhance Pest and Mold Control

90% of cannabis farms are infected with mold. Take a proactive approach with the MoonWalker LED grow lights by not giving the pathogen an environment to spread.

Maximize Yields, Save Energy, Kill Bacteria

Innovative solutions drive the industry forward. At Boulderlamp, we are proud to lead the next generation of LED grow light technology. With our MoonWalker series, you will improve your grow environment the moment you switch on the lights!

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If you’d like to discuss any of our products, contact us for a free consultation. One of our experienced cannabis cultivation experts will help you find the perfect LED grow lights to optimize your next grow.