High Times Covers Boulderlamps’s 315W CMH Grow Light

Philips lighting introduced 315W CMH grow lamp in 2012. The sparkling white light generated by the 315W grow lamp mimics sunlight, and the 120 lumen/watt light was truly a remarkable milestone. The UVA-rich tailored spectrum of the 315W CDL is an efficient solution for indoor grow. Boulderlamp (BLI) is the first company to introduce the 315W CMH grow light into the North American market. We branded it a ceramic discharge lamp (CDL) grow light.

September 1 2015, High Times published an article where BLI’s 315W CMH grow light was compared with other grow lights. This is an excerpt from this article, “we have plasma lamps, induction lighting, and ceramic bulbs. It’s a good time to be a photobiologist! But which of these new technologies are best for our cannabis plants…ceramic bulbs are a relatively new source of light that represent a variation on MH bulbs, which are themselves a variation on the older mercury-vapor bulbs. The discharge is contained in a ceramic tube usually made of sintered alumina (aluminum oxide), similar to what has traditionally been used in HPS bulbs.”

Cultivation Editor of High Times wrote an article titled “Lighting for Marijuana Grow.” He collected an assortment of available lighting technologies; and set out to run tests to determine which lamps are the best for indoor gardens. Nick tested these grow lights: Gavita Pro 1000e DE US, Genesis DE 30, Boulderlamp 315W CDL, American Green Truth M16 LED Lamp, California Lightworks Solar Storm 440, Chameleon Plasma Grow Light, Marigold Lighting Induction Lamp, Marigold Lighting Econolux T5HO Fluorescent. 

Nick wrote, “Perhaps the most pleasant surprise in the entire field came from the CDL manufacturer Boulder Lamp Inc., who absolutely crushed it in our lighting trials. Utilizing a 315-watt Philips Ceramic Agro Bulb, the SunBrightCDL provided an extremely broad and intense spectrum across the board.

The spectral curve of this CDL was one of the fullest in the group. And with over 60 percent of its light energy being generated around the blue and red spectrums, it hit the right spots in terms of a plant’s natural absorption curve”.

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