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Introducing: PerfectPar™ DuoLight 4000

Powered by GenieBeam™

Bigger Harvest with Less Energy
Continuous Mold & Pest Prevention

duolight moonwalker LED grow light anti microbial

Why DuoLight

Patent Pending Technology 

A fundamentally different type of lighting solution that balances and distributes energy for vigorous and healthy plant growth with higher efficacy.

Better Energy Management 

Light is usually unnecessarily intense under inner bars of a grow light array than outer bars. Light under inner bars is reduced to provide uniform lighting under the entire array. Energy saved from reduced light creates the high-intensity GenieBeam™.

Deeper Canopy Penetration

GenieBeam™ periodically travels in steps throughout the daily grow cycle providing intense light on top and below the canopy where most LED grow lights never reach.

Preventative & Continuous Pest & Mold Control 

The antimicrobial light acts as a prevention tool against mold and pests in all phases of a grow, start to finish.

Complete Control with GenieBeam™ Controller 

The intensity of the dual-beam, its duration, sequence, period, and location are controlled by PerfectPar™ Duo programmable light controller.

perfectpar duolight 4000
PerfectPar Spectrum Graph
spectral power distribution chart
Key Features & Table
Power Consumption w/o tBeam
tBeam Combo Power Consumption
Horti Light 160W, Antimicrobial Light 55W
Power Consumption with tBeam
Max Horti Light Power Delivery Capacity
Max Antimicrobial Light Power Delivery Capacity
Max Continuous Combo Light Power Delivery Capacity
Voltage Range
120VAC to 277VAC
42 Pounds
30 in (L) x 13 in (W) x 4.5 in (H)
5 Years

A New Approach to Lighting for the Modern Grower

PerfectPar 4BDuo high-intensity time varying LED grow and sanitizing light

Traditional lighting solutions struggle with the longstanding problem of energy usage, production quality, and spoilage due to mold, pests and a number of other issues. [Need more info on problems of the current approaches]

[Stats on energy costs and spoilage].

Growers don’t just need [more, heavier, brighter] lighting solutions, which ultimately require more energy and create added risks. They need a new approach to safeguarding and enriching their crops altogether. Enter TimeTravel.

TimeTravel is a fundamentally different type of lighting solution that provides an automated sweeping motion, mirroring the natural world. This allows you to use xx% less energy, see xx% additional production out of your existing crops, and xx% less spoilage due to microbial light sweeping. And with a customizable controller TimeTravel will fit your crop’s lighting needs like a glove.

greenhouse setup

Safeguard & Enrich Your Crops on Your Terms

TimeTravel is an LED grow light array with a combination of non-stationary sequential high-intensity photosynthetic and antimicrobial light for increased crop yield with less energy and for reducing unwanted microbial growth that harms plants without harming humans tending the plants. The TimeTravel high-intensity light magnitude, sequence, period and duration are controlled by a custom lighting program that gives you complete control to ensure the specific needs of your crops are met.

The revolutionary technology was built by storied lighting experts at Boulder Lamp, and is backed by [patent information].

Purpose-Built Features Designed to Support All of Your Grow Lighting Needs
End Bar Watts
First and last bar have continuous power. For vegetative and flowering phases default power is 100W and 200W respectively.
Interior Bars Watts
For four 4-bar fixtures, #3 through #15 bar use continuous power. For vegetative and flowering phases default power is 50W and 100W respectively.
Step Light Color
During the vegitative stage it can be a blue or blue and red combination. During the 12-hour per day flowering phase, it can be white for the first 3 hours and red for the next 7 hours, red and far-red for the last 2 hours.
Step Light Watts
Default for the vegetative phase is 50W and 150W for the flowering phase.
Antimicrobial Light Watts
50/50 combination of 385nm and 405nm. 50W fixed power.
Light Sweet Time
Default is 20 seconds.
Antimicrobial Sweep Time
Default is 5 seconds.
Sweep Mode

Default is Mode A. The light sweeps from bar number #2 to bar #15 then the cycle repeats. Examples of other modes:

  • Mode B - light sweeps form bar #2 to bar #15 then bar #14 to bar #2 and the cycle repeats.
  • Mode C - 2 bars get step energy at the same time, bar #2/bar #3 as a pair then bar #4/bar #5 as a pair and so forth until it reaches bar #14 and #15. Then that cycle continues.