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PerfectPar Series

MoonWalker SB1

The Only LED Grow Light With

Integrated Pest-Mold Free Cultivation Technology

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Patented Sequentially Moving Periodic Light Beam

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LED Grow Lights with Independent Control of LEDs

Trusted by the world’s premier, award-winning cultivators. BoulderLamp, Inc. (BLI), makes the most efficient CMH and LED grow lights. Our newest innovation is the PerfectPar™ series LED grow lights giving you the independent control of white-red or blue-red ratio  for you to have broader choices over plant lighting spectrum. We use OSRAM latest generation LEDs to make the most efficient horticulture grow lights. PerfectPar™ series LED grow lights are rugged and built to last. They can be used for indoor, vertical farm, and greenhouse cultivations. 

BLI PerfectPar 165W grow lights, Products

Boulderlamp’s PerfectPar™ MoonWalker LED Grow Light is the first and only LED grow light with integrated Pest-Mold Free Cultivation Technology. This light is designed to increase yields while preventing mold and pests such as Spider Mites in your grow. The MoonWalker paired with a user friendly programmable light controller provides an unprecedented level of control over photosynthetic lighting for the commercial cultivator. A periodic light beam, which is made of 60% full-spectrum white light and 40% 405nm purple and UVA antimicrobial lights, sequentially moves between light bars delivering an intense light on the top, middle, and side of canopy for maximum yields with less energy.
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perfectpar duolight 4000

PefectPar™ LED Series

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PerfectPar MoonWalker SB1

This patented grow light is a one of a kind, dual function horticultural and antimicrobial LED combo light with sequentially moving periodic light beam technology.
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PerfectPar DR720W

PerfectPar™ series DER720W full spectrum LED grow light is a true 1:1 replacement for 1000W DE HPS 1870 μmol/s @ 720W and provides up to a 20 sq ft flowering footprint.
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PerfectPar 650W LED

PerfectPar™ 650W is a four bar LED grow light for single or multi-tiered horticulture cultivation and indoor farming. This array delivers perfect spectrum to grow efficiently all year round.
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315W CMH Series

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315W CMH Agro

BLI pioneered the 315W CMH they introduced in 2012. The light fixture integrates high efficiency reflectors with a 20,000 hour rated Philips 315W CMH GreenPower™ Agro lamp and Philips low-frequency dimmable electronic ballast.
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315W CMH + LED Hybrid

Boulderlamp’s patented 315W CMH + LED Hybrid grow light integrates 100% OSRAM top bin red LEDs into the CDL 315W light fixture to augment the flowering spectrum of the Philips 315W Agro grow lamp, yielding up to 20% more crop.
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315W CMH + LED Fusion 460

Boulderlamp’s patented 315W CMH + LED FUSION 460 grow light incorporates Philips 315W CMH Agro lamp and 100% top bin OSRAM white and red horticulture LEDs to expand coverage and augment the flowering spectrum.
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Why BLI Grow Lights?

Light Spectrum

Our Color Augmenting LED grow light utilizes
top bin 100% OSRAM white and red horticulture LEDs to create optimized sunlike full spectrum for faster growth and bigger harvests.

Design Simplicity

Our lights are easy to install:
modular and daisy chain connections can also be dimmed using off-the-shelf 0-10V dimmer.
LED driver architecture allows on demand wireless communications.


Lower cost of ownership due to our innovative
design structures. Single bar quick attach modular system also allows “add as you grow” low cost expansion architecture.

Built in the USA

We are proud to build our products in the USA using components sourced in the US and around the globe. We source only the highest quality parts and components to ensure top performance.

Grow Light Information

High Efficiency Grow Light Solutions for Indoor, Vertical Farms, and Greenhouse Growers

“Boulderlamp’s ceramic discharge lamp is one of the best horti-lights available today”
High Times MagazineSeptember 2015
High Times Magazine
“We love our Boulder CDL+LED light fixtures! The CDL’s promote vigorous growth and encourage the plant to express a bouquet of terpenes, while the red LED enhances the CDL’s efficacy in high resin/cannabinoid production.”
Marcos MoralesLegion of Bloom Cofounder
Marcos Morales
“Boulder Lamp’s grow lights are amazingly efficient and produce great product! We have had nothing but a great experience with their products and customer service.”
TylerMarketing Operations Manager
“Absolutely the best bulbs on the market. They have a great friendly staff who are very knowledgeable “
Robert Jensen
“The future of lighting technology at its finest…”
Joshua Jetton