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BLI PerfectPar™ 330W

BLI PerfectPar 330W

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BLI PerfectPar™ 330W full spectrum LED grow light has two LED light-bar. It provides a flowering footprint up to 13 square feet. Plug and play design for commercial horticulture cultivation in a greenhouse, vertical farm or other indoor facility. It is an ideal light for grow tent and basement.

LED Chips:  Top bin, latest-technology OSRAM horticulture LEDs. Uniform light distribution and no hotspot. Each light-bar integrates white LEDs with specific red LEDs to create optimized full spectrum lights for maximum yields.

Independent Control of White and Red LEDs: Dim-to-off, independent control of white and red LEDs provides broader choices over plant light spectrum using a 0-10V dimming controller or a potentiometer.

54% red spectrum: PerfectPar™ 330W has been designed for 14%-30%-54% blue-green/yellow-red spectral power distribution respectively. If desired, amount of red spectrum during vegetative phase can be reduced by dimming red LEDs.

LED Protection: We use Dow conformal coating on LEDs to protect against moisture and corrosive environments.

Light Fixture: Rugged construction. Durable and light weight.

Benefits & Applications


  • Higher Yield & Potency

  • Ideal for Both Flowering & Vegetative Stages

  • Innovative Modular Design

  • Vertical Grow & Odd Space Filler

  • Daisy Chain & Dimming Capabilities


  • Lower Cost of Ownership

  • "Add as You Grow" Low Cost Expansion

  • Low to Medium Height Greenhouse

  • HPS Phasing Out Application

  • Tent Friendly

Electrical Specification

North America


Nominal Input Current


Nominal Input Power




Daisy Chained Units per 20A Circuit


General Features


16.2 in x 46 in x 2.2 in (411mm x 1,169mm x 56mm)


12 lbs


2 Bar Array

Coverage Area

Up to 5ft x 2.5ft


Optimized Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) Spectrum

Modular System

Screwless Multi-Unit, Attachment Option for Maintaining Equal Spacing Between Bars

Dimension Drawing

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BLI PerfectPar 165W​, BLI PerfectPar 330W, BLI PerfectPar 650W​​ Spectrum Graph
Spectral power distribution
  • Light Source: 100% OSRAM Top Bin LED Chips
  • Color Augmenting Technology:  Optimized Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) Spectrum
  • Efficiency: >2.5 μmol s-1 per Watt
  • Dimming: 0-10V, Independent Dimming of White and Red LEDs
  • Electrical and Wet Rating: Meets UL Requirements
  • Recommended Mounting Height: 1 Foot Above Canopy
  • Warranty: 5 Year Limited