Indoor and Greenhouse LED Grow Lights

High-efficiency and high-reliability grow lights, since 2012. Built in the USA. 5-year warranty. Call us for factory pricing and volume discounts, (303) 444-4852.

LED Grow Lights

MoonWalker Series

Good for Plants but Bad for Bugs and Germs

High-efficiency LED Grow light with patented MoonWalking cycling beam. Unparalleled features. Increases yields and crop quality. The beam also enhances pests-mold management, and transforms cultivating area into a bacteria and virus-free workplace, Up to 1,000W.

LED PerfectPar Series

Revolutionize Your Crop Growth

Cutting-edge full spectrum LED Grow Lights. Efficient, reliable, and high performing. Dimmable, spectrum control, and optional pulse mode operation. Up to 1,000W.

CMH Series

CMH Grow Lights - Since 2012

The first and the original. High-efficiency reflectors with a 20,000-hour rated Philips 315W CMH GreenPower™ Agro lamp and Philips low-frequency dimmable electronic ballast. You can increase yields by using our patented CMH+LED hybrid series grow lights.