6 Proven Methods for Boosting Cannabis Yield


Cannabis cultivation is a lucrative endeavor, but rising costs and the demand for efficiency have directed focus towards optimizing yield per square foot. This article explores six well-established strategies to increase cannabis yields in indoor facilities, taking into account factors like light intensity, light spectrum, and canopy management.

#1 Increase Light Intensity and CO₂ Levels

Cannabis plants are sturdy. Studies have shown that increased light intensity increases harvest size and higher concentrations of cannabinoids, however, light levels above 800 PPFD necessitate CO₂ supplementation. The symbiotic relationship between light intensity and CO₂ concentration is explored in detail in two scientific papers (Reichel et al., and Llewellyn et al., 2022). The paper by Llewellyn et.al., also includes actual data for light intensity vs. yield.

#2 Optimize Light Spectrum

The composition of the light spectrum (blue, green, red) significantly influences photosynthesis. Table 1 in the paper by Reichel et al., shows ceramic metal-halide lamp (CMH) provides the highest photosynthetic rate of 10 µmol CO2 m−2 s −1. Although CMH is the technology of the past and it is less energy efficient than the contemporary LED grow lights, however, it is evident from this paper that the composition of CMH spectrum is better for cannabis cultivation. Philips 315W CMH agro has a tailored spectrum where blue/green/red/”other” ratio is 11/31/51/7. The “other” consists of UVA, far red, and infrared. This spectrum composition could be a good recipe for LED grow lights also.

#3 Improve Light Penetration

Deeper light penetration into the canopy encourages bud growth in the lower half of the canopy. Regular pruning of cannabis plants can help light penetration. Scientific findings, such as those presented in the paper by Danziger at el., 2021, stated the following, “The results revealed that pruning the plants twice during cultivation was the optimal practice for increasing yield”.

#4 Add Intercanopy Lighting

Despite increased energy consumption, intercanopy lighting elevates overall yield. An article by Philips/Signify’s published in mmjdaily.com on August 14, 2023, highlighted the benefits of intercanopy lighting, allowing better light distribution and substantial enhancement in flower yield and quality.

#5 Embrace MoonWalker LED Grow Light Cycling Beam

cycling beam light

Boulderlamp MoonWalker is a full-spectrum LED grow light and more. It also consists of a high-intensity cycling beam made of a variety of color LEDs that alternates between different light bars during the growth cycle. The high-intensity beam penetrates deep into the canopy with a tailored spectrum, resulting in increased photosynthesis. Since the cycling beam is not stationary and typically does not stay at one location for more than 5 seconds, the high-intensity light does not cause damage to the canopy. The cycling beam also contains 405 nm antimicrobial LEDs. This purple-blue light can enhance pests and mold management and create a bacteria-virus-free grow environment.

#6 Harness Dissolved Oxygen

Optimal oxygen levels are crucial for plant photosynthesis. Ed Rosenthal in his 2021 blog article writes, “The primary way cannabis roots get oxygen is through diffusing through the air pores in the soil or growing medium or via water that is saturated with dissolved oxygen”. Commercially available dissolved oxygen generators can elevate oxygen content in nutrient solutions by up to 600%. This elevated oxygen environment promotes efficient nutrient absorption, root health, and ultimately, higher yields.


Cultivating cannabis efficiently demands a comprehensive understanding of factors affecting yield. The strategies outlined here, including optimizing light spectrum and light configuration, embracing innovative technologies, and enhancing oxygen supply, provide a roadmap to achieving higher cannabis yields. The scientific papers and blog article cited in this article are listed below:

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