3 Key Features Of A Commercial Grow Light

Whether you’ve been growing for a long time or setting up your grow space for the first time, you know the importance of good grow lights. However, choosing the right commercial grow lights can significantly impact your yields when setting up your grow space. At Boulderlamp, we work hard to stay on the cutting edge of technology so we can provide you with the very best. Our most popular commercial grow light is the MoonWalker, and it’s easy to see why.

Designed to Increase Yields

The MoonWalker is designed to increase your yields and crop quality. It is also designed to prevent mold and pests such as Spider Mites from your growth. It is the first and only LED light with integrated Pest-Mold Free Cultivation Technology. Experienced growers know how difficult these are to manage, even in a controlled environment. So having lights that actively create a hostile environment for pests is an incredible defense against the biggest threats to your harvest.


The MoonWalker is designed to do the work for you. It’s intended to be paired with a user-friendly programmable light controller that provides unprecedented control over photosynthetic lighting for the commercial cultivator.

Cycling Light Beam

What sets MoonWalker apart from other LED grow lights is its innovative and patented cycling beam, which alternates between different light bars during the growth cycle. This unique feature combines a variety of color LEDs, including 405 nm, safe for human exposure.

The combination of full-spectrum and cycling beam as it periodically moves throughout the grow can create a hostile environment for both pests and mold. The antimicrobial light spectrum increases photosynthesis efficiency and contains UVA, the antimicrobial light contributes to plant growth, and the quality of crops improves for cannabis growers. It offers pest and mold control and increases growth rates, and provides other benefits such as increased terpene and cannabinoid levels.

This light works hard for you; the 405nm LEDs in the cycling beam even go so far as to deliver the highly sought-after purple light to your plants in the final stages of flowering. According to research, Violet or purple light has shorter wavelengths and higher energy. As a result, it’s an effective source for facilitating the growth and development of a plant’s vegetation which is very important to cannabis growers.

Boulderlamp Is Here To Help

At Boulderlamp, we want to give you the lights you need to grow. Whether you are a small independent grower or a large commercial operation, we have the lights and equipment you need, and we are invested in your success. Contact us today for more information on the MoonWalker 850W.