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Mold-Yeast-Virus-Free Cultivation

With MoonWalking cycling beam, you can boost yields and quality, control pests-mold, and create a bacteria-virus-free environment.

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If you're a commercial grower and an XCEL Energy customer, you may qualify to receive our LED grow lights at no cost to you. Contact Boulderlamp for details.

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LED MoonWalker Series

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Mold-Yeast-Virus-Free Cultivation

High-efficiency LED Grow light with MoonWalking cycling beam for increasing yields and crop quality, enhancing pests-mold management, and promoting a bacteria-virus-free workplace, Up to 1,000W.


Advanced and high performing full-spectrum LED grow lights revolutionizing crop growth and crop quality. Dimmable, spectrum control, and optional pulse mode operation. Up to 1,000W.

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The first and the original, since 2012. High-efficiency reflectors with a 20,000 hour rated Philips 315W CMH GreenPower™ Agro lamp and Philips low-frequency dimmable electronic ballast.

MoonWalker is Good for Plants but Bad for Bugs and Germs

Boulderlamp MoonWalker – The ultimate LED grow light that’s redefining the future of agriculture with cutting-edge cycling beam technology. You can choose between a full-spectrum or crop-specific spectrum, providing your plants precisely the light they crave at each growth stage for increased yield and quality of the crop. We utilize top-brand high-efficiency LED chips to ensure unparalleled reliability and energy savings, reducing your electricity costs significantly.

Experience Unrivaled Features – MoonWalker helps to maintain a pest and mold-free environment for healthy and bountiful crops. It also actively contributes to creating a bacteria and virus-free atmosphere, making it perfect for vertical farming and indoor facilities.

Discover the Power of Cycling Beam

What sets MoonWalker apart from other LED grow lights is its innovative and patented cycling beam, which alternates between different light bars during the growth cycle. This unique feature combines a variety of color LEDs, including 405 nm, safe for human exposure. This blue-purple spectrum of the cycling beam not only promotes a clean and hygienic environment but also enhances terpene and cannabinoid levels, and improves flavors and aromas in fruits and vegetables.

Why BLI Grow Lights?

Good for Plants - Bad for Bugs

Increase yields and improve crop quality, and pest and mold management. It helps to transform your cultivation area into a virus and bacteria-free workplace at no extra cost. With our lighting controller you can control light intensity and spectrum, and daily on/off lighting cycle.

High Performing - High Reliability

We manufacture grow lights since 2012. We have a reputation for supplying you with long-lasting and trouble-free robust grow lights. We utilize top bin Osram, Cree, Luminous, Samsung LED chips, and high reliability Philips/Signify LED drivers.

Good Customer Service

We are only one phone call away, consistently meeting customers’ expectations. We listen, we care, and act rapidly.

Built in the USA

We build our products in the USA using only the best components sourced in the US and around the globe. Our grow light products are affordable due to our innovative design structures and low overhead

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