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Cycling Beam
LED Grow Light

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Patented Sequentially Cycling Light Beam

MoonWalker is Good for Plants but Bad for Bugs and Germs

LED Grow Lights with Independent Control of LEDs

Trusted by the world’s premier, award-winning cultivators. BoulderLamp, Inc. (BLI), makes the most efficient CMH and LED grow lights. Our newest innovation is the PerfectPar™ series LED grow lights giving you the independent control of white-red or blue-red ratio  for you to have broader choices over plant lighting spectrum. We use OSRAM latest generation LEDs to make the most efficient horticulture grow lights. PerfectPar™ series LED grow lights are rugged and built to last. They can be used for indoor, vertical farm, and greenhouse cultivations. 

Increase Crop Yield, Prevent Pests-Mold, and Sterilize Your Grow Room

Built in the USA, featuring MoonWalker LED Grow Light; capable of delivering up to 980W power and 2000 PPFD light 1 foot above the canopy. It is the first and only LED grow light with integrated Pest-Mold-Free Cultivation Technology. The antimicrobial components, in particular, 405 nm purple-blue light is known to inactivate bacteria and viruses meaning a clean grow room environment for workers. This light is designed to increase yields with less energy while preventing mold and pests such as Spider Mites in your grow.


The MoonWalker paired with a user-friendly programmable light controller provides an unprecedented level of control over photosynthetic lighting for the commercial cultivator. A periodic light beam, which is made of UVA and 405nm antimicrobial and photosynthetic lights, sequentially cycles between light bars delivering an intense light on the top, middle, and side of canopy for maximum yields with less energy.

MoonWalker Combo Light Spectrum

Up to 2000 PPFD above canopy with cycling beam

770W Non-cycling Full-Spectrum

210W Cycling UVA-Purple-White

Why BLI Grow Lights?

Cycling Beam

Cycling beam technology for maximizing yields with less energy and controlling pests & mold with light. Utilizes top bean Osram, Cree, and Samsung LED chips. Light intensity can be control day by day or week by week by our lighting controller.

Design Simplicity

Our lights are easy to install, modular and daisy chain connections, can be dimmed remotely using a 0-10V controller or by our Windows-based programable lighting controller.


Lower cost of ownership due to our innovative design structures and low overhead.

Built in the USA

We are proud to build our products in the USA using components sourced in the US and around the globe. We source only the highest quality parts and components to ensure top performance.

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